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 Collections Management 

As an archaeological curation repository, we strive to provide the collections with the best possible care that we can by providing the practices below. Here is a link to the most current collections management policy.

  • NAGPRA consultation, collaboration, and compliance
  • Specially care of culturally sensitive objects
  • Use of appropriate stable and archival quality materials
  • Rehousing of unstable and non-archival quality collections
  • Temperature and relative humidity control
  • LED lights in curation spaces
  • Monthly pest management 
  • Controlled access to repository
  • Intruder security system connected to UGA's Police Department
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Collection management database
  • Off-site computer server storage


The Laboratory’s overall goal is to repatriate all UGA controlled NAGPRA collections, maintain communication with other federal and state agencies with collections at the Laboratory to fulfill their NAGPRA responsibilities, institute and maintain traditional care procedures developed in consultation with stakeholder descendant communities all while meeting the Secretary of the Interior’s priority to “support tribal self-determination, self-governance, and sovereignty”.  General NAGPRA activities at the Laboratory include but are not limited to:

  • Consultations with stakeholder descendant communities
  • Submission of applicable notices and summaries to National NAGPRA office
  • Repatriation
  • Care in Trust Agreements
  • Traditional care practices