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A Cultural Resource Survey of a Proposed Butler Creek Sewage Pipeline Corridor

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An archaeological survey was conducted along the proposed Butler Creek Sewage pipeline corridor. Ten sites were identified within-the 2.4 mile long route. Seven of the sites will be directly impacted by the proposed pipeline construction. Recovered data indicated utilization of the area in all major prehistoric periods. Historic materials recovered from archaeological investigation and supported by archival sources, identified the site of the colonial period settlement of New Savannah and the location of an area of 18th Century occupation associated with New Savannah Plantation. Three sites--9Ri72, 9Ri76, and 9Ri77 are considered eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places as a district at the state level, based on associations with this 18th century community. A fourth site, 9Ri45 has been nominated by Bowen (1979) in conjunction with the Augusta Railroad Relocation Project.