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Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Tolomato Island Boat Ramp in "The Thicket" (9MC404), McIntosh County, Georgia

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A reconnaissance level (Phase I) archaeological survey was conducted on a tract of land at the Tolomato Island residential development in McIntosh County, Georgia. The property, located on the east edge of Site 9MC404, was scheduled to be impacted by boat ramp construction. Surface reconnaissance and excavation of twenty 40cm test pits was completed over an approximate 1500 square meter area in October 2001. Excavations yielded 49 prehistoric ceramic fragments representing a wide time range of aboriginal occupation, primarily Savannah Phase (A.D. 1200-1350). Most ceramics were recovered from a shallow but moderately dense shell midden in the southwest quarter of the property. The other three quarters of the property to the north and east were either disturbed or otherwise yielded little of significant archaeological value. Recommendations were made that the northeast three-fourths of the property be cleared from further consideration regarding archaeological preservation. A 10 m x 25 m segment in the southwest corner was considered potentially significant in terms of archaeological resources. Recommendations were made for that segment to be protected or tested further to determine significance in terms of NRHP (National Register of Historic Places) eligibility.