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An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Spewrell Bluff Reservoir

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An archaeological survey of the proposed Spewrell Bluff Reservoir area was initiated September 20, 1973 and continued full time (5 days per week, 8 hours per day) until November 15, 1973. Survey and testing were resumed December 5, 1973 and continued full time until December 18, 1973 with the aid of a 2-man field crew. The project was funded through West Georgia College (National Park Service, Contract No. CX500031653), and the survey was carried on under the direction of Lewis H. Larson, Jr. (Associate Professor of Anthropology, West Georgia College). The area was surveyed on foot by the author and limited testing was accomplished with an auger (5 inches, diameter) and small test pits (2' x The sites encountered were recorded in the field on 7.5 minute series, topographic maps. The analysis of the artifact material and report preparation was accomplished utilizing the resources of West Georgia College's Archaeological Laboratory. The projectile points were analyzed using the descriptive format of Cambron and Hulse. The pottery was analyzed using a comparative collection and Robert Wauchope's descriptions in Archaeological Survey of Northern Georgia. The units of measurement used in this report are as follows: English System test pit and grid data. Metric System artifact measurements and photographic scales.