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Larson, Lewis H.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
5 McCluskey, George H., Larson, Lewis H. Archaeological Salvage Investigations at the Cooleewahee Creek and Pineland Sites in Baker County, Georgia

Report Missing.

Baker 1976
341 Larson, Lewis H., Crook, Morgan Raymond An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Spewrell Bluff Reservoir

An archaeological survey of the proposed Spewrell Bluff Reservoir area was initiated September 20, 1973 and continued full time (5 days per week, 8 hours per day) until November 15, 1973.

Upson 1975
760 Larson, Lewis H. Phase I Survey of the Midville Boat Ramp

On August 18, 1987, a Phase I archaeological survey was conducted by David Davis of this office at the Midville Boat Ramp in Burke County, Georgia.

Burke 1987
771 Larson, Lewis H. Gum Swamp Creek Archaeological Survey, Dodge County, Georgia

During the first two weeks of December, 1986 a preliminary archaeological investigation was conducted in the Gum Swamp Creek Watershed.

Dodge 1987
4680 Larson, Lewis H. Phase I Archaeological Assessment of the Birdberry Nature Trail located within Fort Yargo State Park, Barrow County, Georgia.

On July 31, 1990 an archaeological foot survey was conducted by David J. Davis of the Office of the State Archaeologist of the Birdberry Nature Trail in Fort Yargo State Park, Barrow County, Georgia.

Barrow 1990
4725 Larson, Lewis H., Anderson, Nain E. RS-0828(6), Bartow County Clearinghouse Document number 74-06-06-13

The project involves widening of S.R. 140. In three sections, one around Pine Log, one around Gum Springs, and one around Folsom, the project will be on new alignment with 80' to 100' of new right-of-way.

Bartow 1977
4726 Larson, Lewis H., Anderson, Nain E. BRS-1021(2), Bartow; Clearinghouse doc. No. 75-01-22-01

Enclosed is a copy of the survey report for a bridge replacement over Pettit Creek. The survey was conducted as a part of the 404 Permit procedures. A single site was located.

Bartow 1977
4760 Lyon, Elizabeth A., Larson, Lewis H. Archaeological and Historical Survey of a Proposed Home for the Elderly in Fitzgerald

The report documents very effectively the unique history of Fitzgerald and the city's cultural significance.

Ben Hill 1978
4792 Larson, Lewis H., Adams, Robert J. Proposed Bridge over Ocmulgee River

This proposal does not fall within the scope of interest of this organization. This proposal is considered to be consistent with those State goals, policies, objectives, plans, programs and fiscal resources with which this organization is concerned.

Bibb 1974
4793 Larson, Lewis H. Project RS-U-0761(6), Bibb County

We are presently preparing an environmental impact statement for combined highway projects M-30E9(l) and S-0761, Bibb County. You have previously reviewed Project M-3059(l) and found that there were no historical or archaeological sites involved.

Bibb 1974
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