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An Archaeological Field Study of the Eli Whitney Watershed, Effingham and Chatham Counties, Georgia April, 1975

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A preliminary archaeological field study of the Eli Whitney Watershed in Effingham and Chatham Counties was recently made in response to the proposed watershed improvement project sponsored by Effingham County and the Coastal and Ogeechee Soil and Water Conservation Districts. During an eight day period in December, 1975, a graduate student and field assistant from the University of Georgia Department of Anthropology spent approximately eighteen man-days in the watershed searching for archaeological sites. This study concludes that sites do occur in the watershed, but that none of the identified remains would suffer from the direct impact of channel construction. Heavy ground cover resulting from dense vegetation in much of the channel right-of-ways limited successful identification of sites in these areas; therefore we recommend that when actual channel excavations start it would be advisable for a professional archaeological to resurvey the cleaned right-of-ways.