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A Brief History of the Hunt Close Property, Meriwether County, Georgia, 1827-1987

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Hunt Close Associates, based in Atlanta, provided the funding for a historical overview of approximately 2100 acres of the northeast corner of Meriwether County. The primary goal of the research was to establish a chain of title for the property. Additional information on the principal owners is provided and is set within a historical framework. It should be kept in mind that this is an overview, lacking in much detail. However, the basic pattern of land use and the agrarian labor systems are apparent. Two ways of looking at history are to move from the bigger historical movements to the single event and from the single event to the larger movements. The Hunt Close project has provided an opportunity for the latter. Documenting the historical events which took place on these 2,100 acres reflects the trends that took place not only in Georgia but in the South in general.