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Archaeological Assessment of Project NH-008-1 (61), Appling County

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The proposed project consists of leveling, resurfacing, and shoulder paving, 0.6 m (2 ft) left and right, of S.R. 27/U.S. 341 beginning at the end of the 5-lane section east of Surrency (MP 21.34) and ending at the Wayne-Appling County line (MP 25.39). An archaeological survey consistent with the project description was conducted for the entire 6.5 km (4.1 mi) project corridor. An archaeological survey (Level I) was conducted in accordance with "GDOT/FHWA Cultural Resource Survey Guidelines" developed by the GDOT Staff Archaeologists in consultation with DNR Historic Preservation Section Staff and concurred in by the Federal Highway Administration and State Historic Preservation Officer. These guidelines provide general survey boundaries and methodological approaches to archaeological surveys based on the type/scope of proposed highway projects and are followed during the initial identification of archaeological resources.