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An Archaeological Survey of Pembroke Area Flood Prevention and Drainage Area Coastal Georgia RC&D Project, Bryan County, Georgia

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The project area reported hereinafter is the Pembroke Measure Area, Coastal Georgia RC&D Project, located in Bryan County, Georgia. The attached map shows the Pembroke Measure Area as cotermininous with west limits of Pembroke, Georgia. The total area to be surveyed is almost equally divided, bisected, by the Seaboard Coast Line Railway and Highway 280. The area within the proposed channelization project is basically flat with at most a 10-foot elevation change. Due to the seasonal rainfall at the time of the study, much of the ground at the lower elevations was covered with standing water and had some of the characteristics of a bog or permanent "wetland". Primary vegetation consists of water-loving plants such as fetterbush, lianas, blackberries, bay shrub, mosses and ferns. Slash pines are abundant and turpentine farming activity shows, particularly along proposed channel No. 5 on the north side of Highway 280 and laterals 2, 3, and L. A few fields have been cultivated with corn and soy beans, but even here the soil is spongy and soggy. Sphagnum moss grows where 4-6 inches of water occurs. Cypress knees and cut stumps are occasional evidence of former lumbering. Test pits show generally a profile of around 1 foot of black, sandy silt with humus, alluvium, over clean yellow sand. Ground visibility varied in the proposed channels, poorest in proposed channel No. 5 and estimated at around 30% in channel No. 11. A cultivated field and school ground provide visibility up to 90 percent in proposed channel No. 8. However, over most of the terrain, conditions hampered survey and many sections could not be traversed.