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Kelly, Arthur Randolph

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
11 Kelly, Arthur Randolph Appendix to a Report on Supplemental Archaeological Survey of Structure 1m and Trion Dikes 1 and 2, Headwaters of the Chattooga Watershed, Chattooga and Walker Counties, Georgia

None Present.

Chattooga 1975
79 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Caldwell, Sheila Kelly Reconnaissance and Survey in Five Floodwater Retarding Structures Located in the Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed, 1978

Nineteen sites previously located by West Georgia College in the east portion of the Sallacoa Creek watershed were tested as part of the archeological survey reported here. of these, six are recommended for both nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and mitigation processes.

Bartow 1978
116 Kelly, Arthur Randolph Reconnaissance and Testing in 29 Sites Located in Structures 14, 88, and 86 in the Lower Little Tallapoosa River Watershed

None Present.

Carroll 1978
426 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Caldwell, Sheila Kelly An Archaeological and Historical Survey of Tribble Mill Cr. Drainage Area Rc&d Project, Gwinnett County, Georgia

The State Office of the Soil Conservation Service at Athens, Georgia granted a contract to Dr. A.R. Kelly for a survey of the total drainage area of Tribble Mill Creek, located in the southeastern part of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Dr.

Gwinnett 1976
1456 Kelly, Arthur Randolph Review Supplement on Additional Archaeological Testing for Structures 10, 14, 16, and 17 Little Sandy Creek and Trail Creek Watershed

None Present.

Clarke 1976
4697 Kelly, Arthur Randolph Review Supplement on Final Archaeological Test Operations and Laboratory Analysis of Materials from the Grove River Watershed Structures 33 and 51 and Sand Pumping Site, Structure 2, Jackson and Banks Counties, Georgia

Following upon initial study and review of the University of Georgia survey report on the Grove River Watershed, A. R. Kelly visited sites in company with Charles Till, SCS geologist, and Richard Jefferies, Field. Director of the UGA survey.

Jackson 1976
4826 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Oertel, Leila An Archaeological Survey of Pembroke Area Flood Prevention and Drainage Area Coastal Georgia RC&D Project, Bryan County, Georgia

The project area reported hereinafter is the Pembroke Measure Area, Coastal Georgia RC&D Project, located in Bryan County, Georgia. The attached map shows the Pembroke Measure Area as cotermininous with west limits of Pembroke, Georgia.

Bryan 1976
5185 Kelly, Arthur Randolph A Preliminary Archaeological survey of Structure No. 80, Lower Little Tallapoosa River Watershed, Carroll County

Review Comments On Final Survey Tests

Charlton 1990
6149 Kelly, Arthur Randolph The 1970-71 Field Seasons at Bell Field Mound, Carters Dam

There have been six field seasons of exploration at Bell Field, 9 Mu 101, beginning in 1965 and ending with the summer of 1971. Progress has been slow, uneven, and interrupted, due to restricted budgets, small field crews and short digging sessions.

Coffee 1984
6150 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Schnell, Frank T. Explorations in Sixtoe Field, Carter's Dam, Murray County, Georgia

Carter's Dam is planned to be an earth-core, rock-fill construction approximately 400 feet high and 1800 feet long on the crest. It will be exceeded only by Boulder Dam, Colorado, in height, and will be the highest dam in the eastern United States.

Coffee 1995
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