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Explorations in Sixtoe Field, Carter's Dam, Murray County, Georgia

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Carter's Dam is planned to be an earth-core, rock-fill construction approximately 400 feet high and 1800 feet long on the crest. It will be exceeded only by Boulder Dam, Colorado, in height, and will be the highest dam in the eastern United States. Location of the darn is shown on the topographic map prepared by Richard Coogan, District Geologist, U. S. Army Engineer District, Mobile, Alabama. Subsequent to the memorandums of agreement between the University of Georgia and the National Park Service to conduct salvage operation in the area affected by dam construction, a second dam has been authorized in front of the first, now being surveyed with core-drilling to study the underlying soil formations, which threatens the whole cove area in both Sixtoe and Bell Fields on either side of the Coosawattee River back to a line approximate with U. S. 156. Sixtoe Field and Barnett's island here the two segments most immediately concerned with the construction of the first and highest dam at Carter's. In 1965 it became apparent that all of Bell Field would be inundated also, and the mound and village area there were initially surveyed with some beginning salvage operations on Bell Field mound, in 1965, under a separate Memorandum of Agreement between the National Park Service and the University of Georgia, not included in the present final report restricted to the prior salvage operations in Sixtoe Field.