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An Archaeological and Historical Assessment of the Proposed Piercefield Subdivision Tract in Bryan County, Georgia

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The field phase of the investigations was completed on March 8, 1976. In addition to covering all exposed surfaces, the field survey included post hole and shovel tests and selective removal of ground litter at seventy locations throughout the total project area. The total inventory of cultural material recovered from the project area consisted of a single lithic flake found in a shovel test. Fourteen additional lithic flakes and two grit-tempered sherds were recovered from the surface of immediately adjacent roads. Three sites were identified on the basis of spatial separation of the surface materials. No midden deposit or cultural features were encountered at any of the test locations. On the basis of the survey technique employed and the materials recovered, it is my professional determination that it is unlikely that these sites have the potential of yielding new and different data sufficiently significant to warrant further investigations. Furthermore the possibility of significant undetected sites existing within the project area is very low. As such, none of the three encountered sites can be considered eligible for nomination to The National Register of Historic Places, and there will be no effect upon sites meeting the criteria of eligibility.