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Sheldon, Craig T.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
8 Sheldon, Craig T. A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the Northern Shore of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia

On February 2 and 8, and March 2, 1975, a total of twelve hours was spent conducting a surface survey for possible archaeological and historical sites on the extreme northern end of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia. The survey was limited to the following areas: 1).

Glynn 1975
10 Sheldon, Craig T., Johnson, Kenneth W. A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Structure No. 80, Lower Little Tallapoosa River Watershed, Carroll County, Georgia, Volume 1

None Present.

Carroll 1975
71 Sheldon, Craig T., McKenzie, Harvey R. An Archaeological Survey of the Plant Wansley Pumping Station, Plant Yates Power Transmission Right of Way in Carroll and Coweta Counties, Georgia

None Present.

Carroll 1977
117 Sheldon, Craig T. An Intensive Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Carrollton Bypass, Highway 1660, Carroll County, Georgia

This report presents the results of an intensive archaeological survey of the proposed highway bypass (Georgia Department of Transportation Project Number DPRF-021-1(6)) around Carrollton in Carroll County, Georgia.

Carroll 1978
249 Sheldon, Craig T. An Archaeological Survey of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia

A total of 27 archaeological and historic sites have been located and recorded on Colonel's Island (See Figure 4 and Table 1). Nineteen of these contained prehistoric aboriginal components; five were occupied both aboriginally and historically; and three contain only historic components.

Glynn 1976
337 Sheldon, Craig T., Cottier, John W. A Cultural Resource Survey and Evaluation of Camp Gallent

A cultural resource survey and evaluation was conducted at the proposed location of the Boy Scout Camp Gallent, West Point Lake, Troup County, Georgia. In the approximately 107 acres of this camp seven cultural resources were identified.

Troup 1981
1540 Sheldon, Craig T., Weiss, Paula L. Reconnaissance Level Survey for Archaeological and Historical Resources on Gwinnett County Authority Property

In January, 1997, personnel from SITE, Inc., under direction of Craig T.

Gwinnett 1997
4747 Sheldon, Craig T., Johnson, Kenneth W. An Archaeology Reconnaissance of Proposed Multiple Purpose and Floodwater Retarding Structures, Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed, Bartow, Cherokee, Gordon, and Pickens County Georgia

This report presents the results of an archaeological reconnaissance of historic and prehistoric sites at selected proposed multiple purpose structures and floodwater retarding structures within the Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed, Bartow, Cherokee, Gordon and Pickens Counties, Georgia.

Bartow 1976
4856 Sheldon, Craig T., Johnson, Kenneth W. An Archaeological and Historical Assessment of the Proposed Piercefield Subdivision Tract in Bryan County, Georgia

The field phase of the investigations was completed on March 8, 1976. In addition to covering all exposed surfaces, the field survey included post hole and shovel tests and selective removal of ground litter at seventy locations throughout the total project area.

Bryan 1976
5536 Sheldon, Craig T. Archaeological Salvage Investigations in the Bay Street Urban Renewal Area, Brunswick, Gynn County

This final report presents the data gathered during fifteen weeks of intensive archaeological field testing and excavations in a fourteen block section of the waterfront area of Brunswick, Georgia.

DeKalb 1996
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