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A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the Northern Shore of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia

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On February 2 and 8, and March 2, 1975, a total of twelve hours was spent conducting a surface survey for possible archaeological and historical sites on the extreme northern end of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia. The survey was limited to the following areas: 1). A narrow strip of western shore line north from the U.S. Highway 17 bridge on Fancy Bluff Creek to the northern end of the island; 2). The portion of the shore along the South Brunswick River; from U.S. 17 to the north end of the island. Coverage of these areas was hampered by a heavy ground cover of palmetto, trees and leaves. For these reasons, this survey must be regarded as only a partial assessment of the potential archaeological and historical sites existing in this area. Two sites were found in the course of the survey: WGC356, on the north shore, and WGC357, on the railroad right of way.