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Archaeological Reassessment of Project FLF-540(11), Crawford, Peach Counties

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Project FLF-540(11) consists of the widening and reconstruction of S.R. 96 _ from just east of the Flint River to the Fort Valley Bypass. Southeastern Archeological Services, Inc. surveyed the original alignment in 1995. The project concept change proposes extending the alignment beginning at River Road a maximum of approximately 1100 feet south of the existing S.R. 96, returning to existing roadway at the Peach County line. Proposed right-of-way is 76.2 m (250 ft). An archaeological survey consistent with the proposed rights-of-way was conducted for the area of the new alignment. An archaeological survey (Level II) was conducted in accordance with "GDOT/FHWA Cultural Resource Survey Guidelines" developed by the GDOT Staff Archaeologists in consultation with DNR Historic Preservation Section Staff and concurred in by the Federal Highway Administration and State Historic Preservation Officer. These guidelines provide general survey boundaries and methodological approaches to archaeological surveys based on the type/scope of proposed highway projects and are followed during the initial identification of archaeological resources. No existing or eligible National Register archaeological resources were located within the project's area of potential environmental effect. It is concluded, therefore, that the project will have no effect upon archaeological resources on or eligible for inclusion in the NRHP provided that the project conforms to that described above.