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Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Towne Center Village Complex Cobb County, Georgia

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An archaeological survey was conducted on 11.1 acres of the proposed Towne Center Village Complex on Barrett Parkway, Cobb County, Georgia. The survey area consisted of that portion of tract within the 100 year flood plain of Laura Lake Creek. An examination of historical maps, the files of the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Georgia State Archaeological Files failed to reveal any known prehistoric or historic sites in the study area. Field survey consisted of the excavation of 20 bucket auger tests to ground water or auger refusal. All fill was 1/4 inch screened. The average interval between auger tests was 45 meters (M). In addition, a single 50 X 50 centimeter (cm) test unit was excavated to a depth of 80 cm below surface. Only two auger tests yielded artifacts. The two adjacent tests yielded two flakes and three pieces of glass from obviously recent flood deposits up to 95 cm below surface. The excavation of the test unit between the two auger tests yielded three glass fragments and a chert flake. The stratigraphy indicates that this portion of the flood plain repeatedly has witnessed high energy deposition of flood material in the recent period. The research potential of these cultural materials is deemed very low due to their context, and no further work is recommended.