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Espenshade, Christopher T.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
641 Espenshade, Christopher T. Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Towne Center Village Complex Cobb County, Georgia

An archaeological survey was conducted on 11.1 acres of the proposed Towne Center Village Complex on Barrett Parkway, Cobb County, Georgia. The survey area consisted of that portion of tract within the 100 year flood plain of Laura Lake Creek.

Cobb 1986
704 Espenshade, Christopher T., Mitchell, Ruthanne L. Archaeological Testing of 3 Cultural Properties (T) 9Ri C.p. 3, (T) 9Ri C.p. 4, and (T) 9Bur C.p. 29

Archaeological testing was conducted within Designated Work Areas (study areas) at three cultural properties within the proposed corridor of the Vogtle-Goshen Electric Transmission Line, in Burke and Richmond Counties, Georgia.

Burke 1985
712 Espenshade, Christopher T., O'Steen, Lisa Diane Archaeological Testing of Two Cultural Properties, Gp-Sn-03 and Gp-Sn-05, in Screven County, Georgia on the Proposed Vogtle-Effingham-Thalmann Electric Transmission Line

Archaeological testing and data recovery planning studies were conducted within the Designated Work Areas (DWAs) at two cultural properties, GP-SN-03 and GP-SN-05, Screven County, Georgia.

Screven 1985
714 Espenshade, Christopher T., Brockington, Paul E. Archaeological Testing of Gp-li-01, Liberty County, Georgia

Archaeological testing of a portion of cultural property GP-LI-011 Liberty County, Georgia, yielded evidence of three potentially major occupations. An Archaic component was discovered in an undisturbed sand stratum, and consists of a low density lithic scatter of quartz, quartzite, and chert.

Liberty 1985
832 Espenshade, Christopher T. A Cultural Resource Survey of the Adairsville Recreational Development Area

The archaeological survey of the 62 acre proposed City of Adairsville Recreation Area was conducted in July, 1987. The northern Bartow County tract was surveyed through screened shovel testing on a 40 m interval and through surface reconnaissance.

Bartow 1987
833 Espenshade, Christopher T., Gardner, Jeffrey W. CRM: Resource Inventory II. S.C.S./D.O.E.. Experiment Project Plant Yates

Resource Inventory II investigations were conducted during February, 1989 for two tracts facing potential development at Plant Yates, Coweta County, Georgia.

Coweta 1989
860 Espenshade, Christopher T., Gardner, Jeffrey W. The Meal Tastes Sweeter: Documentation of Young's Mill, West Point Lake, Troup County, Georgia

Architectural and historical documentation of Young's Mill, West Point Lake, Georgia, was conducted for the Corps of Engineers, Mobile District.

Troup 1989
871 Espenshade, Christopher T. Archaeological Survey of the Proposed City of Menlo Sewerage System

Archaeological survey of the proposed plant site and trunk lines or the City of Menlo Sewerage System, Chattooga County, Georgia, as conducted during November of 1985 and February of 1986.

Chattooga 1986
990 Espenshade, Christopher T. Cultural Resource Management: Wallace Dam Project (Lake Oconee) Green County, Georgia: Recreation Area A-1: Resource Inventory II: Final Documentation

Cultural Resource Inventory and Evaluation studies document the results of Resource Inventory I and II investigations on a 770 acre recreational tract of land (A-1) within the Wallace Dam Project; Greene County, Georgia.

Greene 1988
1003 Espenshade, Christopher T. An Intensive Cultural Resources Survey of the 5.1 Mile Macon Levee Right-of-way, Bibb County, Georgia

A cultural resources survey was conducted on 5.1 miles of right-of-way which faces potential impact by the widening of the existing Macon levee, Bibb County, Georgia.

Bibb 1992
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