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O'Steen, Lisa Diane

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
616 O'Steen, Lisa Diane A Cultural Resources Survey of a Spray Irrigation Wastewater Treatment Site, Ocilla, Georgia

A cultural resources survey was conducted on a 58 ha (140 ac) tract of gently rolling farmland that is to be used as a spray irrigation wastewater treatment site for the town of Ocilla, Irwin County, Georgia. Nine prehistoric sites and 19 isolated artifact occurrences were discovered.

Irwin 1985
665 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Ledbetter, Jerald Cultural Resources Survey of the Proposed Lumpkin to Louvale Transmission Line, Stewart County, Georgia

A cultural resources survey at the site of the proposed Lumpkin Substation and Lumpkin to Louvale transmission line was conducted during the period of 22 to 27 November, 1984, for Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Inc.

Stewart 1985
708 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Brockington, Paul E. CRM: Vogtle - Effingham - Thalman 500kv Transmission Line, Resource Testing and Recovery Planning

Cultural Property GP-SN-12 was discovered during the Resource Inventory II study of the proposed Vogtle -Effingham - Thalmann 500 KV Electric Transmission Line (Garrow 1984).

Screven 1985
712 Espenshade, Christopher T., O'Steen, Lisa Diane Archaeological Testing of Two Cultural Properties, Gp-Sn-03 and Gp-Sn-05, in Screven County, Georgia on the Proposed Vogtle-Effingham-Thalmann Electric Transmission Line

Archaeological testing and data recovery planning studies were conducted within the Designated Work Areas (DWAs) at two cultural properties, GP-SN-03 and GP-SN-05, Screven County, Georgia.

Screven 1985
715 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Manning, Mary Kathleen CRM: Vogtle Scherer Transmission Line Wallace Dam-Plant Scherer Section Properties Gp-bl-01, Gp-jo-05

Archaeological investigations of two cultural properties, GP-JO-05 and GP-BL-01 (Figure 1), were conducted from July 8-25, 1985. Both of these properties had been discovered during a Resource Inventory II study (Manning et al.

Jones 1985
743 O'Steen, Lisa Diane Management Summary Archaeological Testing at the Swancy Site

The Swaney Site (Survey Site 2) was first recorded by James Langford (1986), and was resurveyed during the Cultural Resource Investigation of the East Tennessee - Ball Ground Proposed Pipeline Corridor, conducted for the Atlanta Gas Light company.

Gordon 1987
859 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Reed, Mary Elizabeth CRM: Resource Inventory I and II Barnett Shoals Project

A Resource Inventory I and II study of the Georgia Power Company study area at the Barnett Shoals Hydroelectric project in Clarke and Oconee counties, Georgia was carried out between December 17, 1985 and February 12, 1986.

Clarke 1986
1019 O'Steen, Lisa Diane Final Report: Cultural Resources Survey of the Davenport Drop Zone, Fannin County, Georgia

Southeastern Archeological Services, Inc. conducted an intensive surface and subsurface cultural resources survey in May 1991, on the 42 ha (104 ac) Davenport Drop Zone in north-central Fannin County, Georgia.

Fannin 1992
1170 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Ledbetter, Jerald Archaeological Survey of the South Commons, Columbus, Georgia

The City of Columbus, South Commons project area consists of a 110 ac (45 ha) tract bounded on the north and east by Victory Drive and on the south and west by the Chattahoochee River. The South Commons was originally set aside in the city plan as a public use area.

Muscogee 1994
1181 Wood, Karen Green, O'Steen, Lisa Diane Cultural Resources Survey of the Sinclair Hydro Project

The Georgia Power Company constructed and operates the Sinclair hydroelectric generating facility located on the Oconee River just north of Milledgeville. The 15,300 ac (6,070 ha) Lake Sinclair was formed by the completion of the Sinclair Dam in 1951.

Baldwin 1994
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