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Cultural Resources Survey of the Proposed Lumpkin to Louvale Transmission Line, Stewart County, Georgia

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A cultural resources survey at the site of the proposed Lumpkin Substation and Lumpkin to Louvale transmission line was conducted during the period of 22 to 27 November, 1984, for Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Inc. The survey consisted of a 1.5 ha substation tract and a 19.9 km long, 23 m wide transmission line corridor. The survey identified 22 archeological sites and one artifact occurrence. The sites represented prehistoric, historic Indian and historic American occupations. Three of the sites are considered eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance. The significance for one site could not be determined; however, this site will not be impacted by the construction of the transmission line. The remaining 18 sites and one occurrence are not considered eligible for nomination to the National Register. In addition to the recorded sites, six standing structures of possible historic significance were recorded outside of the right-of-way.