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CRM: Vogtle Scherer Transmission Line Wallace Dam-Plant Scherer Section Properties Gp-bl-01, Gp-jo-05

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Archaeological investigations of two cultural properties, GP-JO-05 and GP-BL-01 (Figure 1), were conducted from July 8-25, 1985. Both of these properties had been discovered during a Resource Inventory II study (Manning et al. 1985) of the proposed Wallace Dam-Plant Scherer Section (WD-PS) of the Vogtle-Scherer Transmission Line (V-STL). The inventory numbers assigned to the properties at that time were 9-JO-10 and 9-BL-02. In planning for the construction of this line Georgia Power Company was able to avoid adverse impacts to all potentially significant cultural properties within the transmission line corridor with the exception of these two. Excavations were designed to evaluate in detail the research potential of the properties and to plan for any future data recovery that might be necessary. The entire cultural property within the transmission line corridor, instead of a designated work area of potential tower construction impact, was investigated for each cultural property.