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Brockington, Paul E.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
574 Brockington, Paul E. Archaeological Survey of National Forest Lands in AT&T's Cable Corridor, Greene County

An archeological survey of three small corridor segments crossing National Forest Service Land and totaling 1.3 miles in Greene County, Georgia was accomplished for American Telephone and Telegraph Company prior to their placement of a cable within the corridor.

Greene 1984
708 O'Steen, Lisa Diane, Brockington, Paul E. CRM: Vogtle - Effingham - Thalman 500kv Transmission Line, Resource Testing and Recovery Planning

Cultural Property GP-SN-12 was discovered during the Resource Inventory II study of the proposed Vogtle -Effingham - Thalmann 500 KV Electric Transmission Line (Garrow 1984).

Screven 1985
714 Espenshade, Christopher T., Brockington, Paul E. Archaeological Testing of Gp-li-01, Liberty County, Georgia

Archaeological testing of a portion of cultural property GP-LI-011 Liberty County, Georgia, yielded evidence of three potentially major occupations. An Archaic component was discovered in an undisturbed sand stratum, and consists of a low density lithic scatter of quartz, quartzite, and chert.

Liberty 1985
716 Elliott, Daniel T., Brockington, Paul E. Archaeological Testing of Portions of Cultural Property Gp-Sn-08, in Screven County, Georgia Within the Proposed Vogtle - Effingham - Thalmann Electric Transmission Line

Test excavations were conducted on two Designated Work Areas on cultural property GP-S.N.-08P Screven County, Georgia.

Screven 1985
734 Brockington, Paul E. CRM: Vogtle - SC Transmission Line, Burke County, Georgia

The Cultural Resource Inventory I and II of the proposed Georgia Power Vogtle - South Carolina Electric Transmission Line, Burke County, Georgia, resulted in the identification of four cultural properties and a single isolate.

Burke 1985
756 Brockington, Paul E. Resource Inventory II Study Idle Hour Point Access Facility Bartletts Ferry Hydroelectric Project, Harris County, Georgia

This Resource Inventory II study project was carried out in advance of proposed construction of a public access facility at Idle Hour Point, on the Bartletts Ferry Reservoir, Harris County, Georgia.

Harris 1987
809 Blanton, Dennis B., Brockington, Paul E. Archaeological Data Recovery at Cultural Property Gp-Hk-08 in Hancock County, Georgia on the Wadley-Wallace Dam Section of the Plant Vogtle-plant Scherer 500 Kv Electric Transmission Line Corridor

Data recovery excavations at GP-HK-08 were designed to gather data suitable for reaching a more complete understanding of the Lamar period occupation at this upland property.

Hancock 1985
917 Brockington, Paul E., Mitchell, Ruthanne L. Cultural Resources Survey of Marta's Indian Creek Line and Station

A cultural resources survey was conducted for the proposed MARTA Indian Creek Line (1.5 miles) and Station (50 acres) in DeKalb County, Georgia. The research effort included historical background review, an architectural survey, and an archaeological survey.

DeKalb 1989
1112 Gardner, Jeffrey W., Brockington, Paul E. North Georgia Hydroelectric Generating Project FERC (#2354)

Resource Inventory I and II [RI-I and RI-II] studies were conducted for the North Georgia Hydroelectric Project in Habersham, Rabun, and Stephens Counties, Georgia, and Oconee County, South Carolina.

Habersham 1990
1216 Espenshade, Christopher T., Brockington, Paul E. CRM: Vogtle Effingham-Thalman 500kv Electric Transmission Line GP-SN-13: Data Recovery

Data recovery excavations were conducted on a portion of cultural property GP-SN-13, in Screven County, Georgia. Three eight by eight meter blocks were excavated to an average depth of 75 cm.

Screven 1986
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