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Archaeological Testing of Portions of Cultural Property Gp-Sn-08, in Screven County, Georgia Within the Proposed Vogtle - Effingham - Thalmann Electric Transmission Line

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Test excavations were conducted on two Designated Work Areas on cultural property GP-S.N.-08P Screven County, Georgia. The testing was undertaken as part of the cultural resource management plan for the Vogtle-Effingham-Thalmain Transmission Line# and was designed to evaluate the research potential of the areas and plan any subsequent work. Ten 2 X 2 meter units were excavated at Designated Work Area # 1, and Designated Work Area # 2 was sampled with thirteen units. Both areas of the property contained evidence of secondary lithic manufacture, as well as other activities. A series of short occupations from the Early Archaic Period through the Woodland Period is suggested by the remains. The relatively high artifact density and the stratigraphy of Designated Work Area 2 reflect a good research potential, and data recovery excavations are recommended. No further work is recommended for Designated Work Area # 1.