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Archaeological Testing of Gp-li-01, Liberty County, Georgia

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Archaeological testing of a portion of cultural property GP-LI-011 Liberty County, Georgia, yielded evidence of three potentially major occupations. An Archaic component was discovered in an undisturbed sand stratum, and consists of a low density lithic scatter of quartz, quartzite, and chert. Deptford ceramics and a Yadkin point are elements of a Middle Woodland component at GP-LI-01. A significant occupation during the proposed Period of maturation Upheaval, and Reconstruction, 1830 to 1870 A.D., was evidenced by the probable remains of two stick-and-mud chimneys and a high density of historic artifacts. This component has been assigned a mean ceramic date of 1843, and is interpreted as the potential remains of two slave houses and their associated artifacts. A data recovery phase is proposed which includes a detailed document search and excavation of three large blocks and four small unit clusters.