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A Preliminary Arcaheological Survey of Multiple Purpose Structure No. 98, Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed, Gordon County, Georgia.

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This report presents the preliminary results of an archaeological survey of historic and prehistoric sites in proposed Multiple Purpose Structure No. 98, Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed, Gordon County, Georgia. This survey was funded under the provisions of a contract between the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, West Georgia College and the United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. The field work was carried out in approximately 200 man hours between May 15, 1975 and June 13, 1975. The field work was interrupted for a twelve day period during which time the final report was prepared for the recently completed survey of the proposed structures within the Headwaters of the Chattooga River Watershed. Though the field work of Structure No. 98 has been completed at this time, the laboratory analysis of cultural materials collected from Structure No. 98 has not yet been completed. Laboratory analysis is continuing and will be completed at some future date. This preliminary report was prepared as a result of an informal request from the Soil Conservation Service that a preliminary report on proposed Structure No. 98 be presented before other proposed structures within the watershed were surveyed. The contract under which the survey is being conducted neither stipulates nor requires any such preliminary report; nevertheless, one has been prepared in order to cooperate with Soil Conservation on Service construction priorities. A more comprehensive section pn Structure No. 98 will be included in the final report in all of the 20 structures to be surveyed on the Sallacoa Creek Watershed Area. This report will be prepared and submitted to the Soil Conservation Service upon completion of the field survey of all of the remaining proposed structures within the Sallacoa Creek Area Watershed.