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Cultural Resource Survey: Land Exchange, Boy Scouts of America, Tracts C-1705, C-1706, Union County, Georgia

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Two selected tracts of Forest Service land, C-1705 and 1706, are scheduled for exchange with the Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta Area Council. The tracts are accessible via Route 19, four miles northwest from Blairsville, then left on Route 325 approximately three miles, and then left on F. S. road for approximately one mile. Prior to field reconnaissance, a search of records at the Supervisor's Office in Gainesville indicated that Tract C-1706 was owned by Asbury Y. Thomas. At the time of purchase by-the U. S. Government, dwellings on the tract included a 121 x 201 two-room house, a 81 x 81 square smokehouse, and a 10' x 10' stable. Approximately four acres of the tract were cultivated by Thomas. Additionally it was noted, on the certificate of possession, that the tract had been farmed for a period of at least 60 years prior to Government purchase. Tract C-1705 was offered to the Forest Service by Clifford McConnell in 1954 in exchange for National Forest Timber of equal value from Lot 234, Union County, Georgia. The certificate of possession showed that, at the time of exchange, there existed an old unoccupied dwelling, partially destroyed fencing, and an R.E.A. power line crossing the road.