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Schneider, Kent A.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
17 Schneider, Kent A. Archaeological Testing of a Site in the Chattahoochee National Forest - C.C.Knight

None Present.

Whitfield 1976
75 Schneider, Kent A., Futch, Robin S. Cultural Resource Survey: Land Exchange, Boy Scouts of America, Tracts C-1705, C-1706, Union County, Georgia

Two selected tracts of Forest Service land, C-1705 and 1706, are scheduled for exchange with the Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta Area Council. The tracts are accessible via Route 19, four miles northwest from Blairsville, then left on Route 325 approximately three miles, and then left on F. S.

Union 1977
224 Wynn, Jack T., Schneider, Kent A. Archaeological Investigation of 9Ra27, Rabun County, Georgia

The purpose of the present study was to investigate the nature and extent of an archaic site on a tract of land selected for exchange. The site was discovered by a University of Georgia archeological team under contract with the Forest Service during the period August 8 to September 5, 1975.

Rabun 1980
240 Fortune, Jan E., Schneider, Kent A. Cultural Resource Survey: Work Center Storage Building, Compartment 369, Union County, Brasstown Ranger District

This report summarizes a cultural resource survey of an approximately ½ acre tract of land located on a knoll several hundred meters southeast of the Brasstown Work Center.

Union 1979
241 Schneider, Kent A. Cultural Resource Survey: Brasstown Heliport Tract G545 Compartment 404

The present report summarizes a cultural resource survey of a proposed 0.4 acre heliport located near Skeenah Gap. The project area, drained by one of the upper branches of Young Cane Creek, has a northeast exposure and is characterized by a fairly fertile, somewhat light loam (USFS, 1917).

Fannin 1979
425 Schneider, Kent A. Cultural Resource Survey Vandiver Land Exchange, Tract G 242-ii, Land Lot 62, District 3, Section 1, Chattahoochee National Forest, Chattooga Ranger District, White County, Georgia

On August 24, 1977, Ernest W. Seckinger and Terry A. Ferguson conducted a cultural resource survey of 5.48 acres of land proposed for exchange with Mr Odell Vandiver.

White 1977
1360 Schneider, Kent A. Archaeological Investigation of an Archaic Site on Proposed U.S. Army Dropzone, Union County, Georgia

Archaic lithic materials exposed by the machine clearing of stumps and logging slash have been systematically collected.

Union 1977
1362 Schneider, Kent A. Archaeological Clearance, C.c. Knight Exchange, Tract C-2024,a

The purpose of the investigation was to test Mr. Dean Wood's suggestion that there might be an archaeological site of importance adjacent to Coahulla Creek in Whitfield County, Georgia. Since the site in question was located on property involved in a U. S.

Whitfield 1976
1401 Wynn, Jack T., Schneider, Kent A. A Cultural Resource Survey of Proposed Johnson Boy Scout Camp on Lake Hartwell

A cultural resources survey was conducted on the 26-acre Johnson Tract 164, on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed land at Lake Hartwell, in the Reed Creek Community of Hart County.

Hart 1992
5364 Schneider, Kent A. Cultural Resource Survey, Land Exchanges, Tightsqueeze Gap (Tract A-3174) and Sand Mountian (Tract A-3196), Chattahoochee National Forest Armuchee Ranger District, Chattooga County

A cultural resource survey of approximately 500 acres of the Armuchee Ranger District in Chattooga County resulted in the location of two potentially significant archaeological sites. Means by which to fully evaluate these sites 9 Cg 12 and 9 Cg 17, are suggested below.

Washington 1998
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