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Archaeological Survey of Proposed Land Application Site Claxton, Georgia, Project Number Es-1041a

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The Earth Systems Division of SSI is pleased to submit this final Archaeological Survey Report for the Claxton, Georgia Proposed Land Application Site. The report contains a detailed account of the findings and recommendations of our survey. The survey revealed a total of 5 prehistoric and 5 historic sites which includes 4 isolated artifacts. All 10 sites are located in the primary impact zone of the project, and all have been impacted by recent historical activity. None appear to have sufficient integrity or value to meet the minimum criteria for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. We therefore recommend that archaeological clearance be given for the Claxton Land Application Project. The floodplain of the Canoochee River, located to the north of the area to be impacted, will not be directly affected by-the proposed Land Application Project. For this reason it was not as intensively surveyed as the other portions of the area. However, there is a relatively high potential for archaeological sites in this area and we recommend further, more intense testing of the floodplain if it is ever developed.