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Wakulla Check Stamped


This type was originally defined by Gordon Willey for the Florida Gulf Coast area. Named presumably for Wakulla County, Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Check stamping on sand / grit-tempered pottery. Check size is relatively small compared to the earlier check stamping on average. Stamping is over entire exterior. Known vessel forms include flattened-globular bowls, bowls with incurved rims, deep bowls with out-slanting rims, pots and jars with long and short collars. Rims are incurved, out-slanted, direct, slightly everted at orifice, slightly outflared, and frequently folded.

Geographical Range
Florida Gulf Coast and up the Chattahoochee River an unknown distance into southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Woodland, Weeden Island II period slightly into the Fort Walton period.
Surface Treatment
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