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Wilbanks Red Filmed


This type is somewhat problematic because northwestern Georgia is also the geographic region of Etowah Red Filmed and Savannah Red Filmed. These three types - Etowah, Savannah, and Wilbanks - are too similar to be reliably sorted out of context. Savannah Red Filmed is the most frequently used type name to describe red filming of the Savannah period throughout the state of Georgia. Named after the Wilbanks site, 9Ck5, in Cherokee County by William Sears based upon his excavations there prior to the creation of Lake Allatoona.

Sorting Criteria

Red filming on plain, sand-tempered pottery found in Wilbanks context. Presumably, the vessels are very thick. Vessel forms are compressed globular bowls.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Mississippian, Wilbanks period.