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Woodstock Incised


Named by Robert Wauchope as part of the Woodstock series. Named after Woodstock, Georgia.

Sorting Criteria

Medium to bold incising on sand / grit-tempered pottery. Decorations consist of horizontal lines or alternating bands of horizontal and diagonal lines. Lines sometimes have rows of jabbed punctuations. Known vessel forms include tall cylindrical vase/beakers with out-curving or in-sloping rims; jars with rounded sides; bowls with slightly flaring and straight to slightly out-curved sides; tall vases with straight, in-sloping sides; and deep vessels with straight, flaring walls, which turn straight upward below tapered, thin lips. This last vessel form is found exclusively in Woodstock. Lips are usually flat or rounded.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Woodland to early Mississippian Woodstock period
Surface Treatment
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