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Savannah Fine Cord Marked


Defined by Joseph Caldwell and Antonio Waring from the excavations at the Irene site. Named for the Savannah River and the city of Savannah.

Sorting Criteria

Cord marking on sand / grit-tempered pottery. Cross-stamping occurs in high frequency. The rims are usually finished with a series of vertical cord impressions. The bottoms of the vessels are finished with narrow impressions of the side of the paddle. Vessel forms are usually a globular or an elongated shape with a round or conical base. Rims are straight to flaring, sometimes everted. Excess rim clay is often flattened by the application of the paddle.

Geographical Range
Georgia Coast to south-central Georgia and into east Georgia for quite a distance.
Chronological Range
Middle Mississippian, Savannah period.
Surface Treatment
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