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Etowah Incised


Named after the Etowah site (9Br1) by Robert Wauchope.

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Incising on sand / grit-tempered pottery. Incisions are relatively wide and shallow, and designs are usually undulating lines. Also fluting, modeling, punctuating, and appliques sometimes appear with the incising. A number of vessel forms are known, the most common of which are: rounded bowls with in-sloping rims, bowls with vertical rounded sides, bowls with out-curved and straight or out-curved rims, jars with pronounced collars, cylindrical beakers, angled bowls, globular jars with flaring necks, plates or shallow dishes, hooded water bottles, and human effigy vessels.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Mississippian, Etowah period.
Surface Treatment
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