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Refuge Simple Stamped


Named by Chester DePratter. Named for the Refuge site north of Savannah, on the Savannah River, which was excavated by Antonio Waring.

Sorting Criteria

Simple stamping on sand/grit-tempered pottery. Designs are shallow, longitudinal grooves, which may have either a parallel arrangement or be in a cross-stamped pattern. Decorated tetrapods also may occur on these vessels. Rims are straight or are occasionally slightly flared. Lips may be squared or rounded. They are often tilted outward giving a beveling effect to the outer edge. Vessel forms are conoidal jars or hemispherical bowls. Bases are conoidal or rounded, or squared if tetrapodal supports are present.

Geographical Range
Lower Savannah River and upper Georgia Coast.
Chronological Range
Early Woodland, develops in the St. Simons series and continues on through Refuge I, II, and III into Deptford I and II.
Surface Treatment
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