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Little Manatee Zoned Stamped


Gordon Willey defined this type from his survey of the Manatee region located along the southern central Gulf Coast of Florida. The Manatee name is presumably derived from the region and county of the same name.

Sorting Criteria

Zoned dentate stamping and incising on diatomaceous earth-tempered paste. Incised lines have rounded bottoms and are 2 to 3 mm wide. Dentate stamping is applied directly, not rocker fashion. Dentate stamps were arranged in close-spaced rows giving the appearance of closely spaced punctations or dots. Stamping occurs within incised zones of 2 to 4 cm. width that are laid out in a checkerboard fashion of alternating stamped and plain rectangles. Designs are confined to the upper one-half to two-thirds of the vessel where they are underlined with incising. Known vessels include large, deep bowls and jars with slightly out-slanting or in-slanting sides and thick rims and flattened lips.

Geographical Range
Willey placed this type in the Tampa Bay and Manatee regions in Florida and occasionally further north and eastward into the St. Johns Region. The type was also recorded by Frankie Snow from the Big Bend area of Georgia (9Cf 1) that may suggest a south-ce
Chronological Range
Willey assigned this type to the Late Woodland Weeden Island II period or possibly earlier.
Surface Treatment
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