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Hamilton Cord Marked


This type is part of the Hamilton series named by Tom Lewis and Madeline Kneberg This was named after Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Sorting Criteria

Shallow cord marking, vertical to rim on limestone-tempered pottery Usually cord impressions are smoothed over. Sherds are tempered with limestone particles that are plentiful and range from 1-5 millimeters in diameter. The colors of the sherds are predominately dark to medium gray. Vessel forms include kettle or caldron shape with a faux-conoidal base. Rims are vertical and incline inward slightly. Lips are flattened or rounding.

Geographical Range
Entire eastern Tennessee Valley. If this comes into Georgia, it would be in northwestern or north-central Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Woodland.
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)
Color photo, 3 Indigenous ceramic fragments with shallow cord markings vertical to rim, cord impressions are faint.