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Gainesville Linear Punctated


John Goggin defined this type from north central Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Lines of broad, shallow, linear punctations arranged in a linear pattern on diatomicious or sand tempered paste with a smooth surface that ranges from tan to black in color. Punctations are touching or slightly apart and may appear along incised lines. Lines of punctations may encircle the vessel or radiate from the bottom. Punctations appear along the upper portion of the vessel or may cover the entire vessel. Most vessels have a clear space of about 2 cm below the rim. Rims are simple and unmodified. Known vessel forms are simple hemispherical bowls with unmodified rims.

Geographical Range
The distribution ranges from Gainesville, Florida west to Cedar Key and south to Lake Tsala Apopka in Florida and north into extreme south central Georgia.
Chronological Range
The exact chronological range is uncertain but is assigned to the Late Woodland, Weeden Island II period.
Surface Treatment
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