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Prehistoric Archaeological Resources in Rucker's Bottom, Richard B. Russell Reservoir, Georgia: The 1980 Field Season at Sites 9EB75, 9EB91, and 9EB382,

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From July 3 through September 26, 1980, archeologists from Commonwealth Associates Inc., conducted extensive testing and data recovery operations at three sites (9EB75, 9EB91, and 9EB382) near the mouth of Van Creek in the proposed Richard B. Russell Reservoir, Elbert County, Georgia. The fieldwork reported here was funded by the Savannah District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of the cultural resources investigations accompanying the construction of the reservoir. Quality assurance and overall management of the investigations were provided by Interagency Archeological Services-- Atlanta, which reviewed the project contract C-54045(80) acting on behalf of the Corps of Engineers. A comprehensive research design for the 1980 field activity was submitted to IAS - Atlanta in June of 1980, and has been reprinted in Volume II of the Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake Site Specific Mitigation Plan. Field operations during the 1980 field season were directed by David G. Anderson. A. Lee Novick ran the concurrent laboratory operations, and Joseph Schuldenrein coordinated project geoarcheological and paleo-environmental investigations. A total of 3,000 hours was expended during the data recovery operations, approximately 2400 hours at the project sites and the remainder in concurrent laboratory processing operations. An additional 600 hours has been expended since the close of fieldwork in a preliminary analysis of all project artifacts and in the preparation of this document. All of the artifacts, field notes, photographs, and analysis sheets from the 1980 data recovery operations are temporarily curated in Commonwealth Associates Inc., archeological laboratory in Jackson, Michigan.