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Schuldenrein, Joseph

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
5567 Anderson, David G., Schuldenrein, Joseph Prehistoric Archaeological Resources in Rucker's Bottom, Richard B. Russell Reservoir, Georgia: The 1980 Field Season at Sites 9EB75, 9EB91, and 9EB382,

From July 3 through September 26, 1980, archeologists from Commonwealth Associates Inc., conducted extensive testing and data recovery operations at three sites (9EB75, 9EB91, and 9EB382) near the mouth of Van Creek in the proposed Richard B. Russell Reservoir, Elbert County, Georgia.

Union 2002
6227 Anderson, David G., Schuldenrein, Joseph Mississippian Period Settlement in the Southern Piedmont: Evidence from the Rucker's Bottom Site, Elbert County, Georgia

Multidisciplinary investigations at a small fourteenth and fifteenth century Mississippian village in northeastern Georgia are summarized. Changes in village organization, subsistence, and relative population health are evident over the approximately two centuries of occupation.

Cobb 1977
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