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Bibb Plain


Associated with the Macon Plateau site (9Bi1) at Macon, Georgia, and was defined in the 1930s as part of the massive WPA excavations there. One of several plain pottery types associated with the Macon Plateau period. Named after Bibb County.

Sorting Criteria

Plain pottery on an orange paste that is sand tempered, with occasional shell included. Rough crude pottery type, which frequently has white dolomite inclusions in it. Vessel form is a globular body, reminiscent of a gourd, with slight shoulders. Rims are slightly flaring, straight, or surged. Lips are rounded, flattened, rarely squared, narrowed and rounded, or slightly extruded. Most common of the Macon Plateau pottery types.

Geographical Range
In an exceedingly small area around the Macon Plateau site, 9Bi1. Probably does not occur outside a 10-12 mile radius around this site.
Chronological Range
Early Mississippian, Macon Plateau period.
Surface Treatment
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