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Boyd Checked Stamped


Named by Joseph Caldwell based upon work in the Allatoona Reservoir. Historic Cherokee pottery style.

Sorting Criteria

Check stamped pottery with a medium grit-tempered paste. The stamping is usually fairly deeply applied. The sherds are a little thicker and usually have a grayish to blackish color indicating that they were probably fired in a reducing atmosphere rather than in an oxidizing atmosphere. The color of these sherds is very diagnostic, because at no other period do you have gray to black to white check-stamped pottery. After the stamping a notched, applique rim strip was added to the vessel. Vessel form is globular with flattened bottoms and slightly flaring rims.

Geographical Range
This type is found in northwestern Georgia. The Cherokee were very late moving into northwestern Georgia. It was after 1770, during the American Revolution when their homeland was broken up, particularly northwestern South Carolina and nor
Chronological Range
18th-19th century A.D.
Surface Treatment
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