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Weeden Island Incised


This type was originally defined by Gordon Willey for the Florida Gulf Coast. Named after the Weeden Island site, 8Pi1, in Pinellas County, Florida.

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Incising on fine sand-tempered pottery. Designs include curvilinear elements, continuous meanders, and simple and complex lobate forms. Decoration also includes hachures, cross hachures, and fields of punctations. Known vessel forms include open bowls, flattened-globular bowls, and simple jars. Rims are mostly incurving forms, some of which recurve. Exterior folding and thickening of the rim is common. Folds are usually set off from the rest of the vessel by an incised line 5-15 millimeters below the lip. Lips are pointed to flat-round.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Florida and southern Georgia on the Coastal Plain up to the Fall Line.
Chronological Range
Late Woodland Weeden Island I and II periods.
Surface Treatment
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