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Carrabelle Incised


Defined by Gordon Willey in 1949. Named after the Carrabelle site, 8Fr2, in Franklin County, Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Medium to fine incised patterns on grit-tempered pottery. Patterns include simple row arrangement, herringbone fashion, and nested triangles. The distribution of the decoration is usually confined to the upper one-third of the vessel. Known vessel forms include flattened-globular bowls, collared globular bowls, jars, collared jars, and beakers. Rims are incurving, direct, and out-slanting with a flattened shelf lip. Most rims have exterior folds, but may be thickened when not folded. Some vessels have a incised line encircling the vessel on the top of the lip.

Geographical Range
Occurs in northwestern Florida and in southwestern Georgia probably up to the Fall Line.
Chronological Range
Weeden Island period I and II type, meaning Late Woodland in northwestern Florida.
Surface Treatment
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