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Cartersville Simple Stamped


This type was defined by Joseph Caldwell based upon his excavations in the Allatoona Reservoir. It is the equivalent of Deptford Simple Stamped and it has become the standard type for all of northern Georgia and even inland Georgia for the Middle Woodland simple stamped pottery. In general the northern Georgia Cartersville pottery is a little thinner and sandier than similar pottery from the Deptford site and southern Georgia. Named after Cartersville, Georgia.

Sorting Criteria

Simple stamping on sandy-grit-tempered pottery. Overstamping, producing a cris-crossed effect, frequently occurs. The most common vessel form is the jar, although regular bow ls and shallow bowls occur as well. Rims are straight or flaring. Bases are round and subconoidal, frequently with tetrapodal supports.

Geographical Range
This type is found in northern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)
Color photo, 1 Indigenous ceramic tetrapod fragment with incised lines.
Color photo, 1 Indigenous ceramic fragment with lined stamp impressions.