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Deptford Simple Stamped


Joseph Caldwell and Antonio Waring named this type based upon work at the Deptford site, 9Ch2 in Chatham County

Sorting Criteria

Simple parallel linear grooves stamped on sand-tempered pottery. The grooves are 2 to 5 millimeters in width and usually cover the complete exterior of the vessel. Interiors range from smooth to abrasive with smoothing marks visible. Known vessel forms include: pot form, deep bowl, and flattened-globular bowl.The rims are direct or out flaring and lips are rounded Podal supports do occur on some vessels.

Geographical Range
Occurs all the way into the interior of the Southeast, but is called Cartersville Simple StampedCartersville Simple Stamped in northern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland period.
Surface Treatment
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