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Safety Harbor Incised


This type was originally defined by Gordon Willey. Named for the Safety Harbor site, 8Pi2, in Pinellas County, Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Incising and punctuation on fine to medium sand-tempered pottery. Designs include poorly executed geometric rectilinear and curvilinear designs, volutes pendant from rim, concentric diamonds, parallel line zigzags encircling the pot, X-shapes with scroll ends, intertwined bands, filfot crosses, and stylized serpent designs. Punctations are often used as background filler and to outline incised designs. Known vessel forms include bowls with incurved rims, flattened-globular bowls, deep bowls with re-curved rims and flat bases, beaker-bowls, short-collared jars, long-collared jars, and bottles. Lips are often flat, but sometimes rounded. Bases are flat, but sometimes rounded.

Geographical Range
The northwestern Florida Gulf Coast. It is unlikely that this type is found in Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Mississippian / early Historic Safety Harbor period.
Surface Treatment
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