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Crooked River Complicated Stamped, Late Variety


Named by Gordon Willey in 1949. This seems to be just a single motif within the broad category of Swift Creek. He implies that it is later, as part of his Weeden Island period, but the only difference noted from the Early Variety is the coarser paste and finish. Whether this distinction is true of not in Georgia (or Florida) is probably an open question.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on coarser sand of heavy grit-tempered pottery with contorted paste. The designs are rectilinear zigzag lines or chevrons in a herringbone-like manner. This type is unillustrated by Willey, and he does not say what the rim form is, but it may include unmodified folded rims, typically of later Swift Creek types.

Geographical Range
Occurs in northwestern Florida Gulf Coast and is presumed to be present in southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Weeden Island I period.
Surface Treatment
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