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Crystal River Incised


Named by Gordon Willey in 1949. It is part of the Crystal River series, and thus presumably ancestral to the Weeden Island series. Named after the Crystal River site, 8Ci1, in Citrus County, Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Deep incising with round punctuations on sand-tempered pottery. Designs include rectilinear and curvilinear flags, cruciform and starlike points attached to lobate or circular elements, and pendant loops. These designs are occasionally filled in with dot punctuations. Simpler designs are sometimes combined to form very complicated patterns. These patterns may represent naturalistic forms such as: hands, human faces, birds, etc. Known vessel forms are flattened-globular bowls, cylindrical beakers, double-globed vessels, collared jars, and composite-silhouette jars. The interior and exterior of the vessels are smoothed and occasionally polished. The rims of these vessels are unmodified or have a fold or flange.

Geographical Range
Florida Gulf Coast. There might be some of this at Kolomoki and a few other sites in southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland, Santa-Rosa Swift Creek period.
Surface Treatment
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