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Crystal River Negative Painted


Named by Gorden Willey and Philip Phillips. Named after the Crystal River site, 8Ci1, in Citrus County, Florida.

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Negative painting on fine sand-tempered pottery The vessels are thin and well polished. The decoration on this type of pottery is brought out in the natural buff color of the vessels by the application of a black dye that fills in the background. Known vessel forms include small flattened-globular bowls, large flattened-globular bowls, and globular bowls with out-flaring rims and a rounded base. Rims often have flanges. Scalloped rims and unmodified rims also occur.

Geographical Range
Gulf Coast of Florida from Franklin to Citrus counties and perhaps into southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland Santa Rosa-Swift Creek period.
Surface Treatment
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