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Savannah Complicated Stamped


Defined at the Irene site, 9Ch1, in Chatham County. Named for the Savannah River and the city of Savannah by Joseph Caldwell and Antonio Waring.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on grit-tempered pottery with unfolded rims. Applications of the stamped designs are deliberate and clear. Overstamping often occurs, however. Known designs include figure eight, concentric circles, a single terminal element of the figure eight, concentric circles with a cross in the center, and a simple figure eight with a cross in the center of each terminal circle. Vessel forms are globular or cylindrical with well-defined shoulders. Vessels are usually large with diameters sometimes exceeding 30 centimeters. Rims are straight to flaring, sometimes everted. Lips are squared, rounded or stamped-beveled.

Geographical Range
Southern Georgia and the Piedmont of Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Mississippian, Savannah period.
Surface Treatment
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