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Dunlap Fabric Marked


Named by Jesse Jennings and Charles Fairbanks in the SEAC Bulletin Named for the Dunlap Mound and house at Ocmulgee National Monument. Related to Long Branch Fabric Marked (limestone-tempered) in northern Alabama, and Watt's Bar Cord Marked in eastern Tennessee.

Sorting Criteria

Fabric impressions on sand-tempered pottery. The walls of this type are thin and the fabric that was impressed upon these pots was made of heavy twisted cord. Some people have suggested that the Dunlap design was a basket impression. Known vessel forms are cylindrical or barrel-shaped deep beakers. Lips are mostly flat, but are occasionally rounded.

Rims are generally slightly flaring, but straight bowl rims occur.

Geographical Range
This type occurs in northern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Early Woodland period.
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)